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" I've tried so many hair removal products but nothing has come close to Velvet Beauty's IPL laser hair removal device. My body has never been so smooth & hair-free in years! "

Shireen S.- Beauty Influencer from Mumbai

*We recommend consulting with a licensed professional to discuss your skin needs, if you're unsure if IPL hair removal is suitable for you. Chat with us to know more!


Long-lasting Results

IPL can significantly reduce hair growth, leading to long-term hair removal results.

Be confident in your own skin!

Be hair-free for 12 months in a year!

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Your Skin, Your Rules.

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Product Testimonials

Discover what our customers are saying about VelvetBeauty's IPL Laser Hair Removal Kits.


Love it so much! -
"I was skeptical at first, but after just a few sessions, I'm hooked! Bye-bye, razor burns!"

- Priya S.


"I can't believe how smooth and hair-free my skin is now. Thank you, VelvetBeauty!"

- Neha R.


Convenient, painless, and effective!
"everything I wanted in a hair removal solution. Highly recommend!"

- Anjali P.


Highly recommended!
"VelvetBeauty's IPL device has saved me so much time and money. Worth every penny!"

-Wendy W.

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