IPL Laser Hair Removal Aftercare Guide

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You’ve researched laser hair removal, booked an appointment, and even proceeded with the treatment. Now, what’s next for post-care? Let’s find out.

Laser hair removal treatment has become extremely popular owing to its multiple skin benefits, such as reduced acne, better complexion, and more.

You might think that once your laser hair removal treatment is done, the battle is won against waxing and shaving. However, laser hair removal aftercare is essential to prevent potential side effects and maintain skin health.

Your skin needs some much-needed TLC even after laser treatment. Here are some precautions after laser hair removal for your post-care routine.

Avoid direct sun exposure after laser treatment

After laser hair removal, avoid stepping out in the sun for at least two weeks. The UV rays from sunlight might increase hyperpigmentation risk and cause other skin-related complications. You could cover yourself with a scarf or wear a face mask to avoid the sun as much as possible.

Apply generous amounts of sunscreen for post-care.

If you’ve just got laser hair removal treatment, sunscreen is your best friend. If you can’t avoid being outdoors in the sun for long hours, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen, ideally with SPF 50, especially on the treated area, to prevent sun damage and change in skin pigmentation.

Skip the exfoliator in your skincare regime after laser treatment.

After laser treatment, allow your skin to heal without using harsh scrubs, exfoliators, or loofahs on the affected area, and avoid any shaving that could irritate the skin further. This might cause skin irritation, rashes, or other side effects you might want to prevent altogether. Add this to your laser hair removal aftercare ritual for at least a week.

Don’t shower in hot water after laser hair removal.

A hot water shower can take all the stress of a long and tiring day away, and we’re with you on that. But when you bathe in hot water, especially after laser treatment, you increase your chances of skin irritation and burn in the affected area. Cold water, however, helps soothe the skin and heal better after laser hair removal.

Avoid perfumed beauty products after laser treatment

Your skin tends to be extremely sensitive just after laser treatment. As part of your precautions after laser hair removal, avoid applying perfumes, creams, lotions, deodorants, or any such products on the affected area for at least 48 hours after the procedure. This will give your skin some time to heal.

Apply a cool compress on your skin after laser hair removal

If you find redness and bumps on your skin after laser treatment, do not worry. It is entirely normal and should subside in a couple of hours. However, if the sensitivity continues, a cold compress or ice pack on the affected area could help speed up healing. If it persists, you would do well to consult a dermatologist.

Apply prescription creams as advised by your dermatologist

After laser treatment, ensure to apply any steroid creams or anti-inflammatory

medication prescribed by your dermat or physician. This would help minimize any pain or discomfort on your skin post-treatment. Follow these precautions after laser hair removal for faster healing and better skin health.

Don’t use traditional hair removal methods after laser treatment

Avoid waxing, plucking your hair, or running a razor over your skin for shaving right after laser hair removal, especially on the affected area, which could still be swollen, red, or painful post-treatment. This would end up destroying your skin and hair follicles.

Laser hair removal is an entirely safe procedure if done right by a trained professional. The treatment is relatively painless, but having said that, it’s best to identify and discuss your pain tolerance beforehand with the professional and prepare for the same with numbing agents, icing, etc.

As with all procedures, laser hair removal comes with a set of side effects that could be avoided with a proper post-care regime after laser treatment. While side effects may vary from individual to individual, discussing post-care with your dermatologist will help you take good care of your skin.

While we have provided some of the most common laser hair removal aftercare tips, to ensure the best possible results, you must ideally discuss precautions after laser hair removal with a qualified professional who will help you find the proper care for your skin. Conveniently, you can book a free consultation right here.

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